It is with great sadness that we need to advise that Mark McClellan, the owner and principal of MDM Hardwood, passed away quite suddenly and completely unexpectedly on Saturday July 8th. I know Mark would want to refer you to his good friends and colleagues for your flooring needs.

For refinishing of existing floors, or installation of solid wood floors, please contact Mark's lead refinisher Ismael Ramirez directly at 619-917-5788 or, Ismael has been his lead refinisher for years and he trusted Ismael explicitly. Ismael will ensure that you are taken care of to the same high standards Mark always expected.

For new flooring installation, he would want you to go to Christine Green who can help direct you to some of his friends also in the business. You can reach Christine at 619-310-1776 or She was a close friend and colleague of Mark's and will be sure you are well taken care of.

―Ken McClellan―
Mark's father

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